My name is Brian Scherbinski, I am a Visual Effects student at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. At the moment I am a third year student specializing in lighting and shading. My expected graduation year is 2015.

Being a young boy I have always been fascinated with movies and the effects in particular. During my teen years my interest in making visual effects myself grew and I decided to start learning how to do so. At the age of 17 I graduated high school and applied for the Dutch Film Academy, to which I got accepted. My study has given me the ability to expand my knowledge and skillet. I was taught all aspects of the film process. Communication and interaction with fellow students at all different disciplines is a huge part of the learning experience.

I am a serious and hard worker with a good team spirit. Having a good relationship with the people I work with is very important to me. I have experience in leading a team of artists as well as doing the work myself. I know many disciplines of the Visual Effects trade which have helped me to become a better lighter. My technical mindset has allowed me to get a true understanding of the way light behaves and how it interacts with materials. I have a strong eye for detail and the creativity and technical expertise to realize my ideas. Problem solving is one of my strong suits but I am not afraid to ask for help if needed. I have experience with on set film lighting and visual effects supervision throughout an entire film production. My eagerness to learn is ever growing and keeping up with al technical advances in the industry is one of my hobbies.